Excellence in Childcare

Growing Your People with Jennifer Vazquez

In this episode, we are joined by Jennifer Vazquez from EOS Worldwide to explore strategies for efficiently nurturing and leading your team as a childcare centre manager. Our Expert Jennifer Vazquez Jennifer Vazquez, a seasoned entrepreneur, founded a highly successful company in 2009, expanding it to over 30 staff and 1000 clients. Acquiring three preschool centers later on, she navigated the challenges of managing 50 staff and over 300 children. Jennifer's solution came through the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), resulting in a remarkable 700% increase in net profit and a regained sense of control over her life. In a successful [...]

Getting Children Moving with Megan Bowling

In this episode, we discuss structured physical education, active play, and enriching programs for children with Megan Bowling of Stretch-N-Grow. Our Expert Megan Bowling  Driven by a deep commitment to children's well-being and a sharp understanding of franchise development, Megan is Director of Franchise Development at Stretch-n-Grow, the leading children's fitness franchise. Her primary objective is to inspire dedicated entrepreneurs to partner with the company in their commitment to nurturing joyful, healthy, and successful futures for children globally. In this episode, we cover: - Defining "Getting children moving" - Options for encouraging movement - Success with enrichment programs A sneak [...]

Data-Based Decisions with Tara Franklin

In this episode, we speak with Tara Franklin of Child Development Schools about data-driven decisions within change management. Our Expert Tara Franklin Tara Franklin, a 20-year education industry veteran, serves as the manager of school operations at Child Development Schools, a leading early childhood education provider. She oversees business operations, customer relations, and talent development across multiple centers, ensuring quality and compliance. Tara's expertise in data-driven strategies and collaborative leadership enhances learning experiences and outcomes, driven by her deep belief in the power of education for transformation. In this episode, we cover: - Definition of change management in early education [...]

Teams & Tools with Beth Cannon

In this episode, Beth Cannon offers insights into how leaders can effectively steer their teams using powerful tools for leadership and growth. Our Expert Beth Cannon Beth Cannon is a renowned early education leadership figure known for her compelling and unique approach to empowering teams. A sought-after speaker, coach, and consultant, She has created impactful training programs, delivered transformational keynotes, and is the force behind 12 Stretch-n-Grow franchises. With a background in communication and education, her expertise spans business, fitness, and education domains. In this episode, we cover: - Embracing change and adaptability - Self-awareness and team dynamics - Overcoming [...]

Adding Value To Childcare Businesses with Kathe Petchel

In this episode, we discuss ways how to add value to help childcare businesses prosper with Kathe Petchel from Hinge Early Education Advisors. Our Expert Kathe Petchel Kathe Petchel has been involved in early childhood education since 1980, starting as a public school teacher before opening her own preschool center in Virginia. She now owns three sites in Charlottesville, serving over 300 families. In 2017, Kathe joined HINGE Advisors, initially as a staffing and operations consultant, and now focuses on client relations, helping sellers determine the value of their early childhood education businesses. She is known for her expertise and [...]

Empowering Early Childhood Leaders with Evelyn Knight

In this episode, we dive into early childhood education leadership with TEDx Speaker and childcare business coach Evelyn Knight from Childcare Business Professionals. Our Expert Evelyn Knight Evelyn Knight is an experienced Early Childhood Education (ECE) professional, owner, and director of Zoo'n Around, a reputable preschool and childcare center in Nevada. With over 15 years of expertise in ECE, Evelyn is committed to prioritizing child development and parental education. As an Early Child Education trainer with the Nevada Registry, she contributes to the regulation and training of preschool teachers and childcare providers. Evelyn's passion for creating developmentally appropriate environments led [...]

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