Founding ParentTV with Samantha Jockel

In this episode, we talk with Samantha Jockel, founder and CEO of ParentTV – a go-to platform for on-demand video resources that support parents, schools, childcare center professionals, and organisations contributing to the education, care, and wellbeing of children.…

Operational Excellence with Jaime Rechkemmer

We talk about operational excellence with our guest Jaime Rechkemmer.

Our Expert Jaime Rechkemmer

Jaime Rechkemmer has 20+ years of leadership, operations optimization, and program management experience in education. She excels in strategic planning, process improvement, research, analysis, curriculum …

Schools of Excellence with Chanie Wilschanski

We talk about Schools of Excellence with our guest Chanie Wilschanski.

Our Expert Chanie Wilschanski

Chanie Wilschanski is an Early Childhood Leadership Coach and Culture Specialist who began her journey over a decade ago, teaching toddlers at the acclaimed …

Supporting Directors for Success with Noelle D’Intino

Our topic today is Supporting Directors for Success

Our Expert Noelle D’Intino

We are delighted to have Noelle join us for this episode. With 18 years of experience as the owner of Scribble Time, a licensed child care center for …

Upleveling Quality and Compliance Through Inspired Leadership with Lori Buxton

Our topic for this episode is upleveling quality and compliance through inspired leadership in your childcare business.

Our Expert Lori Buxton

Lori Buxton has been involved in early care and education since 1995. She has served children and their families …

Humorous Leadership Advice for Child Care Centers with Vernon Mason

Our topic today is advice for the challenging and abstract situations your team and center will provide for you.

Our Expert Vernon Mason

Vernon has been called the trifecta of childcare. He grew up in an “in-home” program. As his …

How to grow your child care business with Kris Murray

Our topic today is growing your child care business and our guest expert is Kris Murray.

Our Expert Kris Murray

Kris Murray is the President and Founder of The Child Care Success Company and is America’s leading child care business …

Making CACFP Compliance Easy with Cindy Vian

Our topic today is the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) and our guest expert is Cindy Vian.

Our Expert Cindy Vian

Cindy is a sales and marketing executive currently serving as the Vice President of Acquisition for KidKare

Understanding Your Employees with Heather Torres

Our topic is understanding your employees and is presented Heather Torres.

Our Expert Heather Torres

Heather took over an established learning center in San Antonio, Texas and made the center a fun and family first environment that is just as …

Staff motivation and workplace culture with Julie Bartkus

Our topic of staff motivation and workplace culture is presented by author and consultant, Julie Bartkus.

Our Expert Julie Bartkus

Julie is an internationally-known Speaker, Consultant and Coach specializing in helping child care leaders attract, hire, manage, motivate and …