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Preventable Health Risks with Melissa Lush

In this episode, Melissa Lush of Force of Nature Clean offers her expertise on mitigating health risks in childcare settings. Our Expert Melissa Lush Melissa Lush, Co-Founder and CMO of Force of Nature, combines her background in product development at Procter & Gamble with her mission to clean up the cleaning industry for people and our planet. By creating certified carbon neutral, toxin-free alternatives to traditional cleaning products, and educating families and businesses about simple changes they can make to be more sustainable, Force of Nature is driving meaningful change in the industry. In this episode, we cover: - Research [...]

Better Business Practices with Aleta Mechtel

In this episode, business and leadership coach Aleta Mechtel joins us to discuss what it means to be a leader with better business practices in the childcare industry. Our Expert Aleta Mechtel Aleta Mechtel, a seasoned professional with 22+ years in early childhood education, has transitioned into a Business & Childcare Leadership Coach. Starting as a teacher and progressing through various roles, she honed expertise in business systems, marketing, leadership, and strategic planning. Successfully growing her business to four locations and launching complementary ventures, Aleta now leverages her experience to assist business leaders, especially in childcare. She offers services such [...]

Navigating Childcare Compliance: Regulations and Business Practices

Continuing our previous discussion with Jessica Hobbs of ECE Compliance Gurus, we explore childcare compliance insights and perspectives on how regulations intersect with day-to-day business in childcare. Gov't Regulations, Advocacy, and Legal Aspects in Compliance Can you distinguish the differences between government regulations, advocacy, and legal aspects in the context of compliance? Certainly. In essence, we're delving into the nuances of government regulations, advocacy efforts, and the legal dimensions within the realm of compliance. Government regulations serve as the cornerstone, establishing standards that we must comply with. Typically, oversight for licensed child care falls under entities such as the Department [...]

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Managing Compliance in Multisite ECE Companies

Join us for a chat with Jessica Hobbs, Owner and Managing Director of ECE Compliance Gurus and a Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Strategist. With expertise in child care licensing, Jessica shares insights on managing compliance in multisite ECE companies in the first part of our discussion. Challenges in Compliance Adoption How do you perceive the challenges faced by educational institutions of different sizes when it comes to adopting new compliance methods and systems? The challenges at hand vary depending on the size and operational model of the institution. In the mid-market, typically comprising 10 to 75 schools, there is a [...]

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Supporting Teachers & Parents with Kelly Pritchard

In this episode, Kelly Pritchard from Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning School shares how she supports teachers and parents as a community. Our Expert Kelly Pritchard Kelly Pritchard, owner of Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning School, wanted to address the challenges of finding quality childcare. After an exhausting search into educational based childcare, Kelly and husband John found Childrens Lighthouse and were immediately drawn to their unparalleled curriculum, extraordinary safety standards, and community focused mission. Beyond her professional background, Kelly emphasizes the importance of genuine passion and kindness. Committed to providing a nurturing and educational environment, she is excited about creating a [...]

Growing Your People with Jennifer Vazquez

In this episode, we are joined by Jennifer Vazquez from EOS Worldwide to explore strategies for efficiently nurturing and leading your team as a childcare centre manager. Our Expert Jennifer Vazquez Jennifer Vazquez, a seasoned entrepreneur, founded a highly successful company in 2009, expanding it to over 30 staff and 1000 clients. Acquiring three preschool centers later on, she navigated the challenges of managing 50 staff and over 300 children. Jennifer's solution came through the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS), resulting in a remarkable 700% increase in net profit and a regained sense of control over her life. In a successful [...]

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