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Are you using spreadsheets and paper to run the operations of your childcare business?

Worried that your center is not meeting Licensing standards?
1Place gives you the peace of mind and visibility that your compliance and best practices are being met.

No more paper checklists

Easily record information digitally on your tablet​ or phone.

Take photos and store against completed checklists with a time and date of image.

Smart workflows mean no action or follow up is missed.

Generate tickets for any item that isn’t up to standard

Creating a work ticket as soon as an issue is noticed allows for documentation, tracking, and prompt resolution of the issue. This promotes accountability, prevents escalation, and helps maintain a safe and effective environment for children and staff.

Tickets with 1Place are integrated with all checklists.

Incident reports keep parents informed and make it simple to obtain signatures

Getting parents to sign documentation in response to incidents can be a time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, 1Place offers a solution that simplifies this process by allowing you to email incident forms to parents and stakeholders as needed and have them sign digitally.

With this feature, you can quickly and easily distribute necessary paperwork, eliminating the need for physical signatures and reducing the stress associated with collecting documentation. You and your team benefit by saving valuable time and being able to focus on other important responsibilities.

Reporting on compliance and your procedures

You get peace of mind, regardless of where you are, knowing what has and hasn’t been done. You and your managers can focus your time on the exceptions.

1Place has a lot of experience setting up reporting dashboards and you will love the reassurance seeing compliance in real time.

Single-site childcare centers of excellence

We help your center with best practice and saving time on compliance with paper-free processes.

Mastery of multi-site childcare operations

We help your childcare organization eliminate paper forms and provide peace of mind that compliance is being performed across your network.

What our customers say

I love the reports, because you don’t know if you’re not there. They give you a window into what’s happening, which helps us plan and train our staff better

Aretha Kitson, CEO at Kidz Ink Academy of Early Academics

With the ticket system I’m getting things repaired in a timely manner and the quality of care has improved, as teachers are checking off on active supervision and other quality care procedures

Jennifer Peck, Owner and Director of Inspiration Station Early Learning Center

In the first eight months since we’ve had 1Place we’ve resolved 27 different issues. It is more than we would have using paper or relying on memory when we came in on the weekends to fix things

Dana Barnhart, Owner Kiddie Academy of Kent Island

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