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Excellence in Childcare

Our project to celebrate the depth and breadth of expertise in our community.

Adding Value To Childcare Businesses with Kathe Petchel

06/28/2023|Tags: , , |

In this episode, we discuss ways how to add value to help childcare businesses prosper with Kathe Petchel from Hinge Early Education Advisors. Our Expert Kathe Petchel Kathe Petchel has [...]

Empowering Early Childhood Leaders with Evelyn Knight

06/06/2023|Tags: , , , , , , |

In this episode, we dive into early childhood education leadership with TEDx Speaker and childcare business coach Evelyn Knight from Childcare Business Professionals. Our Expert Evelyn Knight Evelyn Knight is [...]

Cultivating Classroom Harmony with Prerna Richards

05/31/2023|Tags: , , , |

In this episode, we chat with Prerna Richards, CEO & President of Together We Grow, to explore the strategies for cultivating classroom harmony and empowering teachers in effectively handling challenging behaviors. [...]

Improving School Safety & Security with Jason Russell

05/05/2023|Tags: , , |

In this episode, we chat with Jason Russell, President of Secure Education Consultants, about bringing White House-level safety and security expertise to childcare centers. Our Expert Jason Russell Ex-Secret Service [...]

Effective Crisis Management & Leadership with Cindy Lehnhoff

04/25/2023|Tags: , , |

In this episode, we chat with Cindy Lehnhoff, the Director of the National Child Care Association (NCCA), about effective crisis management strategies in the early childhood industry. Our Expert Cindy [...]

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