All your checklists in 1Place

Digitize your operation and say goodbye to paper checklists and folders

Save Time

Digital checklists, incident and tickets will save you and your team time and paper by digitizing any process, procedure or policy. Imagine being able to email incident reports to parents and be notified when they have signed them.

No More Paper

Are you and your team constantly having to work on and sort through paperwork? Making your processes digital means freedom from folders and more efficiency with compliance.

Identify Trends & Manage Risk

Make better decisions with a holistic view of your compliance, health and safety, and operations. Use data from risk assessments, incident reports, and tickets to identify and address potential risks.

Operational Visibility

Gain visibility across your centre and easily identify what needs your attention. Get notified on exceptions so you can spend your time more efficiently.


Build your own or use one of our templates for your scheduled or adhoc procedures such as opening or closing.

Incident Forms

Digital incident forms can be easily emailed to caregivers and digitally signed. Saving time for everyone and stored at 1Place for as long as you need.


If something isn’t working as intended or faulty, 1Place tickets can alert the right person to get a solution. No more lost jobs to be done.


Feedback is vital to any organisation and 1Place surveys can help you poll families and team members on the topics you care about.

Set your operating standards

With the 1Place app, establishing and maintaining standards has never been easier. Our platform allows administrators to define and dictate operational expectations. From safety protocols to daily procedures, 1Place ensures that every aspect of your centre’s operations are clearly outlined and easy to follow by all team members. If you or your team find something needs to be remedied, taking action to alert the right people is immediate, and not lost on a piece of paper.

Measure how you and your team perform

Compliance made easy

Easily conduct and track your scheduled tasks

The trusted early learning solution

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