The 2024 Compliance & Risk Survey

The aim of this survey is to provide a benchmark and peer comparative analysis for individuals responsible for compliance and risk management in early learning and childcare organizations.

The Introduction

We believe in contributing towards an enhancement of standards in our industry. We therefore are delighted to present our 2024 Compliance and Risk Survey Report. The aim is to provide valuable insight for professionals responsible for compliance and risk management. We hope the collected responses and perspectives regarding buy-in, systems and tools, and educational resources help to provide perspective and knowledge.

We are thankful for our respondents whose time has made this report possible.

Our Respondents






Teachers / Teaching Assistants


Operation / Program Managers

Results preview

How would you rate the importance of compliance and risk management buy-in within your organization?

Very high 31%
High 35%
Neutral 25%
Low 8%
Very low 2%

How satisfied are you with the current compliance and risk management tools and systems in use in your childcare organization?

Strongly satisfied 22%
Satisfied 36%
Neutral 35%
Dissatisfied 6%
Strongly Dissatisfied 1%

Do you have an education and training program that includes compliance and risk management?

Yes 65%
No 35%

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