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Unlocking Enrollment Growth: Marketing Strategies for Childcare Providers

In this discussion, we uncover strategies for transparent communication, trust-building, and proactive marketing approaches that empower childcare providers to establish reputable brands and instill confidence in the families they serve. Our expert is Ruth Ann Rose of Rose Marketing Solutions. She has strong expertise focused on childcare marketing, particularly in designing and implementing hyperlocal marketing plans to drive enrollment. She thrives on collaborating with early childhood learning center business owners to develop and execute effective marketing strategies, while also ensuring that the return on investment (ROI) is measured effectively. Her mission is to give childcare owners peace of mind that [...]

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Navigating Childcare Compliance: Regulations and Business Practices

Continuing our previous discussion with Jessica Hobbs of ECE Compliance Gurus, we explore childcare compliance insights and perspectives on how regulations intersect with day-to-day business in childcare. Gov't Regulations, Advocacy, and Legal Aspects in Compliance Can you distinguish the differences between government regulations, advocacy, and legal aspects in the context of compliance? Certainly. In essence, we're delving into the nuances of government regulations, advocacy efforts, and the legal dimensions within the realm of compliance. Government regulations serve as the cornerstone, establishing standards that we must comply with. Typically, oversight for licensed child care falls under entities such as the Department [...]

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Managing Compliance in Multisite ECE Companies

Join us for a chat with Jessica Hobbs, Owner and Managing Director of ECE Compliance Gurus and a Compliance & Regulatory Affairs Strategist. With expertise in child care licensing, Jessica shares insights on managing compliance in multisite ECE companies in the first part of our discussion. Challenges in Compliance Adoption How do you perceive the challenges faced by educational institutions of different sizes when it comes to adopting new compliance methods and systems? The challenges at hand vary depending on the size and operational model of the institution. In the mid-market, typically comprising 10 to 75 schools, there is a [...]

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Digital Dashboards: The Key to a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Operating a successful child care business means adopting a mindset for continuous improvement. You aim to deliver the highest quality service and are always looking for ways to do things better and more efficiently. You know that when it comes to their children, parents want nothing but the best and it’s your goal to deliver. You’ve gone to great lengths creating systems, processes, and procedures to so your team knows exactly what you expect of them in order to deliver your high-quality service. But how do you truly know if you and your team are doing your best? Is your [...]

10/31/2022|Categories: Best Practice|

Compliance Clarity From The Cloud: Finally, True Visibility Into Your Business Operations

It’s the goal of every center owner to run a top quality program and operate in compliance at all times. You want to be the program of choice in your area and you’ve worked hard to achieve that honor. You’ve practically memorized your licensing requirements, furnished your school beautifully, invested in the best curriculum, and may have even gone the extra mile by becoming accredited. You’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating standard processes, procedures, systems for operation, and have trained your team well. You’ve gone through all the right motions, yet how do you truly know [...]

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