Data overdrive! Ready to graduate from spreadsheets?

What childcare leader doesn’t love a good Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet to log data and document processes. Unfortunately, spreadsheets work with static ad-hoc data, which makes it impossible to provide any real-time visibility with a lot of overhead to maintain.

02/09/2022|Categories: COVID-19|Tags: , , |

Five health and safety tips: what we can learn from 1Place Childcare Australia

Health and Safety requirements are continually changing in response to COVID-19, and we know that keeping up with the ever-evolving regulations is difficult to say the least. Here are five steps to keep your services safe and running smoothly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

12/20/2021|Categories: COVID-19|Tags: , , |

Four tips to turn your health & safety into a competitive advantage

2020 has catapulted your childcare center’s Health and Safety to the forefront of every parent’s mind. Here’s how you can turn your Health & Safety into a competitive advantage.

11/17/2020|Categories: COVID-19, News|Tags: , |

How digitizing your processes can save up to $1000 per month

Aretha Kitson of Kidz, Ink child care shares the different ways she uses 1Place Childcare, how exciting maintenance tickets can be - and how using 1Place has saved her centers up to $1000 per month!

10/21/2020|Categories: COVID-19, News|Tags: , , |

How US-based Kidz Ink Childcare centers are keeping children, parents and staff safe

Find out what measures Kidz, Ink have implemented, including using 1Place Childcare's Health and Wellness Screening app to check the health of children and staff, before they enter the building.

09/08/2020|Categories: COVID-19, News|Tags: |
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