Hudson Bus is a full-service bus dealership with locations in Texas and Florida that seeks to provide transportation solutions for organizations across the U.S. that need vans and buses to move people safely and efficiently.

Founded by industry veteran and bus expert Brad Hudson, Hudson Bus sells new and pre-owned buses made by the most trusted manufacturers in the industry. Our team of experts will find the right bus to fit your budget and requirements. We also offer bus rental services to accommodate customers who only need buses for short term use.

Hudson Bus provides services such as mechanical repair and maintenance, paint & body repair, full body vehicle wraps, graphic design and installation, mobile repair service, and pickup and delivery. We specialize in keeping your buses in top condition to maximize their life cycle while at the same time keeping them safe and reliable.

The Hudson Bus Sales Vehicle Checklist

Regular automotive maintenance checklists provide a structured approach to upkeep for your vehivle. Hudson Bus Sales checklists cover critical areas such as engine health, tire condition, brake functionality, and fluid levels. By following these comprehensive guidelines, potential issues can be identified early, preventing costly breakdowns and repairs. Additionally, scheduled maintenance enhances vehicle safety, ensuring reliable operation for your team and minimizes any downtime.

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