Our topic for this episode is upleveling quality and compliance through inspired leadership in your childcare business.

Our Expert Lori Buxton

Lori Buxton has been involved in early care and education since 1995. She has served children and their families on many levels, including classroom teacher, program director, executive administrator, and training specialist. Lori is the Managing Director of the Association for Early Learning Leaders and speaks/trains regionally and nationally. She has served on many early education advisory committees including the Sesame Street Communities PD Virtual Advisory and has been a featured guest on many podcasts and webinars.

Author of:​

In this episode we cover:

– The stress of unannounced compliance visits
– How to focus on compliance
– The benefits of working towards excellence

A sneak peak inside the episode

“We can get so stuck in our ways of doing things that it can be difficult for us to break out of our old mold. If we want to solve things like a staffing crisis, to find the people that we need to get into those classrooms, the right people in the right seats. If we want to be the provider of choice, the employer of choice, then we have to think in some new ways.”

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