Our topic is understanding your employees and is presented Heather Torres.

Our Expert Heather Torres

Heather took over an established learning center in San Antonio, Texas and made the center a fun and family first environment that is just as nurturing for her staff as it is for her students. She considers all the relationships she has gained as a director and influencer as her greatest accomplishment.

Heather has spoken on many stages across the country including NAEYC, AELL, TLCCA and KCCC presenting her unique point of view on the early childhood education industry.

In this episode we cover

– Generational groupings and learnings for you and your team
– Birth order and learnings for you and your team
– Actionable advice for childcare leaders

A sneak peak inside the episode

“The better we know ourselves, our strengths and our weaknesses, the better we can serve others, and then we can then cultivate and talk to our team about their strengths, their weaknesses, then they can better serve others. There’s kind of a trickle effect.
A big part of my job is to love and support and appreciate my staff. I know a lot of companies say customer first, customers are always right. When I first started here, my my motto was children first, parents second, staff third. In the past five years that has completely changed. Staff come before everything.”

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Content highlights:

[1:20] How Heather made her start in childcare

[5:00] The fallacy of customer first

[6:10] Generation groupings and their characteristics

[18:40] Birth order characteristics

[26:13] Implications for leading your team

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