In this episode, Kelly Pritchard from Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning School shares how she supports teachers and parents as a community.

Our Expert Kelly Pritchard

Kelly Pritchard, owner of Children’s Lighthouse Early Learning School, wanted to address the challenges of finding quality childcare. After an exhausting search into educational based childcare, Kelly and husband John found Childrens Lighthouse and were immediately drawn to their unparalleled curriculum, extraordinary safety standards, and community focused mission. Beyond her professional background, Kelly emphasizes the importance of genuine passion and kindness. Committed to providing a nurturing and educational environment, she is excited about creating a special space for learning, love, empowerment and positively impacting lives in the community.

In this episode, we cover:

– Equal focus on parents and teachers
– Recognition and acts of kindness
– Customer service as a cultural element
– Philosophy of transparency and continuous improvement

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“I think sometimes childcare owners aren’t in their business enough, in my opinion. Because I feel as though if owners are more present, it’s one thing to be physically there, but being present and getting to know your families and your teachers goes a long way and they appreciate that. It shows the love.”

Listen to the conversation:

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