Our topic today is Supporting Directors for Success

Our Expert Noelle D’Intino

We are delighted to have Noelle join us for this episode. With 18 years of experience as the owner of Scribble Time, a licensed child care center for 114 children, she also founded The Director’s Club in 2008, a consultancy firm aimed at equipping child care center owners with the necessary business skills to succeed. In addition, in 2020, Noelle added another feather to her cap with the creation of Breakbox, a thematic sensory playdough kit designed to keep little hands busy, inspired by her experience of quarantining with her six-year-old twin daughters.

In this episode we cover:

– The challenges of leading a childcare team
– Effective methods for training team members
– Consistency and delegation as a Director’s key tools

A sneak peak inside the episode

“I just did this huge survey in the last two months and we had a great response with many participants. We asked what do you need help with? And the list was gigantic, but these many things boiled down to two items. The first thing they needed was time, they need to gain that time back in order to put their systems in place.”

Listen now:

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Content highlights:

[1:12] Noelle’s journey into childcare

[5:26] The core role for a Director

[5:26] The core role for a Director

[7:15] Challenging areas for Directors

[14:11] Training and monitoring for consistency

[19:09] Empowering a team

[24:49] Attracting and retaining staff

[28:44] The big issue facing childcare today

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