In this episode, we chat with Bobby Franzo and Sam Slater from PB&J TV, a camera system and streaming app service for childcare and daycare. We explore how they contribute to safer schools and smarter operations.

Our Experts Bobby Franzo & Sam Slater

Bobby Franzo, Co-Founder and Principal at PB&J TV is a driving force in the childcare industry with over a decade of experience. He leads PB&J’s efforts to redefine safety and operations in education using cutting-edge technology. Bobby shares insights from PB&J’s inception, lessons learned, and the importance of advanced camera solutions in schools. With a focus on empowering educators and providing peace of mind to parents, Bobby’s expertise guides best practices for implementing camera systems.

Sam Slater, PB&J TV’s Customer Experience Director, is the epitome of a family man, having married his high school sweetheart and delighting in fatherhood with his two daughters. A devoted Saints fan, he navigates life’s highs and lows with resilience. In his pivotal role at PB&J TV, Sam channels his passion into ensuring every customer interaction reflects the “we are family” ethos. From calls and emails to social media, he strives to create a warm and caring experience for customers, extending the PB&J TV family spirit. His dedication goes beyond, as he actively contributes to creating diverse programs, making a lasting impact on the customer journey.

In this episode, we cover:

– Background and PB&J TV’s origin
– Safer schools and smarter operations
– Transition from fear of cameras to embracing transparency

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“I want to flip the switch on the idea of a teacher being fearful of a camera being in the classroom. Because as long as you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing and operating the way you’re supposed to be operating, that camera’s there to protect you.”

Listen to the conversation:

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