Improving School Safety & Security with Jason Russell

In this episode, we chat with Jason Russell, President of Secure Education Consultants, about bringing White House-level safety and security expertise to childcare centers.

Our Expert Jason Russell

Ex-Secret Service agent Jason Russell now provides his expertise in client security at SEC. Since 2013, he has conducted countless security assessments for schools, businesses, and organizations across the US and abroad. He has assisted during crisis situations, including mass shootings, and collaborated with the Michigan Legislature for funding site assessments in K-12 schools. Jason serves on Michigan’s School Safety and Mental Health Commission and is a sought-after keynote speaker on emergency preparedness and active shooter response. Prior to joining the Secret Service, he was an officer with the Lansing Police Department. Inspired by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School, Jason founded Secure Education Consultants.

In this episode, we cover:

– SEC’s security training and partnership with preschools and child care centres.
– Secret Service insights on school safety and security.
– Key tips to improve safety and security in childcare centers.
– Addressing challenges in childcare businesses and suggesting solutions for improvement.

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“Childcare staff are really in the protection business. They’re in the business of protecting kids. And one of the things that we always make sure that we do is empower them to protect. So I think the idea of protection truthfully is so important to really relay on to staff that are working in childcare to say your ultimate job is to protect these kids, and we want to give you the skills, knowledge, training, equipment, and everything you need to do that.”

Listen to the conversation:

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