In this episode, we chat with Cindy Lehnhoff, the Director of the National Child Care Association (NCCA), about effective crisis management strategies in the early childhood industry.

Our Expert Cindy Lehnhoff

Cindy Lehnhoff is the current Director of the National Child Care Association (NCCA). She is dedicated to promoting the success of licensed providers in providing high-quality care and education to children. Under her leadership, the NCCA focuses on providing professional development, advocacy, and community engagement to support this mission. Cindy and her team firmly believe that every child deserves access to early care and education at the highest standards. They work to educate and advocate for sustainable policies and practices that benefit young children.

In this episode, we cover:

– Effective crisis management strategies in early childhood industry
– Commonalities between licensing, compliance, and quality
– Current industry performance in crisis management and ways to improve
– Importance of checklists and compliance in ensuring quality and safety.

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“Leaders are lifelong learners, you absolutely cannot stop learning if you aren’t able to change. You can’t survive. And I think that’s, yes, even more true in an industry like ours that has evolved over the last 50 years to be very different. It simply started out as babysitting and daycare, and it has evolved into early care and education. And ultimately we have moved towards learning how to help children that are in stressful situations and have gone through trauma, and if we start early enough, we can help them become more successful adults.”

Listen to the conversation:

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