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How Does Compliance Affect My Insurance, and Why Should I Care?

with Samantha Phillips, AAI, ACSR

Avoid Costly Insurance Mistakes!

You know the importance of compliance to maintaining your license, but what about its importance to your business insurance?

In this informative webinar, we’ll discover what violations underwriters hope to avoid when reviewing your inspections and how licensing compliance plays a significant role to insurance companies.

We’ll also discuss mitigation efforts you can take to help avoid some of the most common claims and make yourself and your business more appealing to an insurer.

When You Watch this Informative
Recorded Webinar, You’ll Learn:

3 areas to be aware of where claims are most likely to occur

Helpful tips to mitigate some of the most common claims

Actuarial loss data from some of the most experienced insurers in the early education space

Importance of documentation to demonstrate mitigation efforts

The value playground safety compliance has in mitigating your liability

Common playground hazards that lead to insurance claims

Why proactive maintenance should be a standard operating procedure

The importance of tracking repairs and improvements to 4 crucial areas of your building

The types of licensing violations that make you unappealing to insurance companies

5 actions to control the narrative when you receive a violation from licensing

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Samantha Phillips

Comploy Insurance

Meet our Guest Expert

Samantha (Sam) Phillips is a Texas native with a sparkly reputation as our industry’s preferred expert on childcare insurance. After years of serving childcare owners and learning that most of them had just trusted a local insurance agent to know what coverage their business needed, Sam made it her mission to share the knowledge she spent years acquiring to help owners become educated consumers. She has helped child development centers, franchisees, private preschools, in-home, and after school programs all over the U.S. implement first class protection plans through her comprehensive coverage analysis and insurance partners with specialty programs for childcare businesses. Her niche focus and goal of educating the ECE community has made her a valuable resource to discuss the importance of customizing your business insurance to fit your child care program.
In February, Sam joined forces with Comploy, a professional employer organization and human capital management company that streamlines back office needs in payroll, benefits, HR, and now INSURANCE! As COO, Sam built Comploy’s in-house insurance agency from the ground up and oversees day-to-day operations allowing her to continue rescuing owners from bad policies and sharing her expertise as a partner advocate with a lot more to offer than just great insurance coverage.

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