Data overdrive! Ready to graduate from spreadsheets?

What childcare leader doesn’t love a good Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet to log data and document processes.

Unfortunately, spreadsheets work with static ad-hoc data, which makes it impossible to provide any real-time visibility with a lot of overhead to

KPIs 101: 3 Key Metrics for Practically Perfect Performance

While every childcare centre director wishes for ‘practically perfect’ performance, most know there is a learning curve involved in getting people up to standard. An innate magic, akin to Mary Poppins, might exist in some but most require a measured

Five steps to keep your childcare organisation safe during a pandemic

5 steps to keep your childcare safe - 1Place Childcare

Keeping your children, parents and team safe has never been more important as you respond to changing regulatory requirements.

Health and Safety requirements are continually changing in response to COVID-19, and we know that keeping up with the ever-evolving regulations

Clarifying and digitising centre processes improves staff retention

Clarifying and digitizing center processes improves staff retention

When staff are clear about what they are required to know, think and do in their roles, they are more likely to continue on to become valuable employees.

Doing away with paperwork helps close the gap between best intentions and

GUIDE: Staying Prepared for Licencing Visits

A Guide on Staying Prepared for Licencing Visits​

Knock, knock… look who is here? Surprise, it’s the Ministry of Education! Are you prepared? 


Time to inspect your blueprint: what is your ECE house built on?

Time to Inspect Your Blueprint: What is Your ECE House Built On? - 1Place

A blueprint might appear quite complex but, at the core, it is simply a guide for making something based on best practices.

The blueprint’s purpose is to help you visualise the overall architecture that guides design, development and cooperation throughout

Free best practice checklist templates for early childhood are here!

1Place Childcare free checklist templates for ECEC

Free best practice checklist templates are here!

Try our free best practice checklist template: ERO’s Self-Audit Checklist for early childhood centres

Paperwork should be

Welcoming Paula to the 1Place Childcare team in Australia

Welcome to the Team - Paula Brennan - 1Place Childcare Australia

Welcoming Paula to the 1Place Childcare team in Australia

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Paula Brennan as National Customer Solutions Manager –

Citation Alert: How distracted daily checklists leads to injuries, damaged reputation and lost business

Citation Alert: How distracted daily checklists leads to injuries, damaged reputation and lost business

Childcare is serious business in an increasingly competitive market when it comes to attracting families and finding staff. Operators are continually looking for ways to streamline operations of all types in order to keep pace and find success.

Darby Ward,

Paper-based systems – we’ve always done it this way. Why change?

The childcare industry’s reliance on paper is no secret. Hard copy forms and checklists come part and parcel with meeting compliance regulations and, as a result, a room full of archive boxes is commonplace within many childcare centres. But it