KPIs 101: 3 Key Metrics for Practically Perfect Performance

While every childcare centre director wishes for ‘practically perfect’ performance, most know there is a learning curve involved in getting people up to standard. An innate magic, akin to Mary Poppins, might exist in some but most require a measured

Clarifying and digitising centre processes improves staff retention

Clarifying and digitizing center processes improves staff retention

When staff are clear about what they are required to know, think and do in their roles, they are more likely to continue on to become valuable employees.

Doing away with paperwork helps close the gap between best intentions and

GUIDE: Staying Prepared for Licencing Visits

A Guide on Staying Prepared for Licencing Visits​

Knock, knock… look who is here? Surprise, it’s the Ministry of Education! Are you prepared? 


3 easy steps to streamline compliance and best practice

4 Easy Steps to Streamline Compliance and Best Practice

4 Easy Steps to Streamline Compliance and Best PracticeAs a childcare owner or director, each day is filled by wearing many hats. On any given day, you’re the marketer, HR, maintenance, a substitute teacher, and the accountant.  In fact, today you may have already changed a lightbulb, given

Measuring what matters most: how to inspect what you expect

It’s one thing to use forms and checklists to meet compliance regulations. Tick, job done.

But is it really? The reality is you can’t analyse a folder full of checklists.

As a centre owner relying on paper-based processes puts it;

GUIDE: Utilising Best Practice for ECE Success

A Guide on Utilising Best Practice for ECE Success

In this guide, we show you how focusing on compliance and best practice can give

Paper-based systems – we’ve always done it this way. Why change?

The childcare industry’s reliance on paper is no secret. Hard copy forms and checklists come part and parcel with meeting compliance regulations and, as a result, a room full of archive boxes is commonplace within many childcare centres. But it