Reduce administrative burden and give educators more time with children.

It can be overwhelming to keep track of everything involved in childcare, from routines and schedules to policies and procedures. Fortunately, 1Place offers a solution that simplifies this process by allowing you to consolidate all of your systems and expectations in one place. With everything organised and easily accessible, you no longer have to nag or worry about things slipping through the cracks. Instead, you can see you team checking off items as they are done in real time.

  • Open and close checklists

  • Health and safety procedures
  • Learning environment audits
  • Cleaning schedules
  • Incident recording

Peace of mind for your centre directors and area managers.

Our smart tools and dashboards allow your business information to be presented easily so you know where you are.

  • Instantly see whether compliance and best practice is being performed at your centres

  • Smart workflows mean no action or follow up is missed

  • Track child and employee incidents and trends

  • Benchmark of quality across services

Better visibility means better descisions for owners and executives.

1Place allows you to standardise processes and design for best practice, whether you operate a single centre or a multi-site brand or franchise.

  • Visibility – know what is done in real time

  • Manage by exceptions – optimise your time by dealing with issues as they arise
  • Standardisation of best practice processes – throughout your network

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What our customers say

1Place is very easy to use. We’re receiving checklists from every centre in real-time, and a weekly consolidated report that covers all centres arriving in our inbox as well. This visibility is hugely important for us.

Gavin Hazelden, Director of Learning Links Childcare

This [1Place] system takes the burden of paperwork away. Teachers can be on the floor with children, with an iPad. It makes sense. Tick it, submit it, done. They don’t have to go back, get the piece of paper, rewrite it, draw a picture. It’s all in motion and documented in an email for the parent.”

Nicola Prendergast, Co-Founder of New Shoots Children’s Centre