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Navigating the Insurance Crisis

Childcare owners are facing an insurance crisis in the USA. The number of insurance companies has reduced and those who remain are raising qualification standards and premiums. We’ve worked with Samantha Phillips to create this guide to help you navigate the uncertainty and set up for success with proactive measures for your childcare business.

Our expert

Agency Principal,

Sam has spent the last 12 years coaching owners on varying topics of childcare insurance and educating them on how to best protect their businesses. In doing so, she’s gained a national reputation as an advocate for early childhood for being the first to educate where no one else ever has.

1Place is proudly partnering with Comploy HR for this guide, a distinguished provider of customized payroll, HR solutions, business insurance and employee benefits. Recognizing the distinctiveness of each company, Comploy HR abstains from imposing one-size-fits-all packages. Instead, the company diligently analyzes your current state, identifies future objectives, and tailors a bespoke package to move you forward.

To substantiate this commitment, Comploy HR has assembled an in-house team of experts spanning payroll, HR compliance, business insurance and employee benefits. Are you prepared to encounter the transformative impact of a genuine partnership? Comploy HR will redefine your payroll and HR experience.

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