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Our experts

Sr. Vice President of Growth & Development
The Nest Schools

Vernon H. Mason, Jr., M.Ed., an acclaimed author, humorist, and keynote speaker with over 24 years of early childhood administration experience, co-founded a childcare center in 1991, grew it to four centers, and currently serves as Senior Vice President of Growth and Development at The Nest Schools, while also leading Directors Leadership Solutions to support childcare administrators.

Founder & CEO
Discovery KidZone

Rachel Supalla, a Montessori-certified Early Childhood Education expert with over 23 years of experience and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Administration, co-founded Discovery KidZone in 2009 and now manages nine childcare centers across two states while mentoring in the ECE field and contributing to the Child Care Success Company and the Child Care Success Academy.

Business Coach & Consultant

A seasoned entrepreneur and childcare expert with over 29 years of experience, Julie founded and expanded a Montessori preschool chain before successfully growing and selling a group of schools in Omaha, and now, as General Partner at Roy Holdings Real Estate and Equity Partner Group, leads commercial real estate projects, advises on real estate and business acquisitions, and specializes in childcare deal analysis, evaluation, and exit planning.

Founder & President
The Compliance Alliance

Lynn, founder and president of The Compliance Alliance, has spent over 30 years enhancing operational effectiveness through automated systems, believing in their power to improve compliance, safety, and quality in Early Childhood Education.