Going digital

How digitizing your processes can put up to $1000 per month back into your bottom line.

With all the administration that goes along with running a childcare center, being able to eliminate paper from your office will go a long way in saving you time, energy and money. 

Take for example the process involved in an incident report. The report must be filled in, signed by the parent and then filed.

But in the rush of a busy day, it is all too easy for that slip of paper to wind up in the wrong folder, or at the bottom of a stack of papers. Then when it comes to licensing checks, a mad scramble to find the paperwork ensues. 

There is a better way. By using 1Place, you can do away with paper altogether. 


Incident reports can be filled out digitally, signed digitally by the parent, who is sent a digital copy, and easily found when they are needed. What’s more, you can add a photo of the injury to the report, thus saving the center from any undue claims later on.

This saves money on printing, copying and paper, all expenses that easily add up across the many different processes needed to run a successful center. Some centers report saving up to $1000 per month, even after the cost of the software is calculated. This is money that can be spent on improving equipment or paying staff better wages.

Without all the filing and following of paper trails, this also means more time to spend on the parts of your business you are passionate about, such as helping teachers, talking to parents, and generally improving the quality of your center.

This year, sign in and health and safety processes have become even more relevant. Centers using the 1Place have reported being able to keep the sign-in process smooth and efficient, allowing busy parents to get away to work without having to wait in line for a clipboard. Parents report seeing these systems as an extra step in ensuring the safety of their children, which is doubly important in this current climate of uncertainty.

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