Data overdrive! Ready to graduate from spreadsheets?

What childcare leader doesn’t love a good Google Doc or Excel spreadsheet to log data and document processes. Unfortunately, spreadsheets work with static ad-hoc data, which makes it impossible to provide any real-time visibility with a lot of overhead to maintain.

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KPIs 101: 3 key metrics for practically perfect performance

Rachel Supalla shares her insights into how Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) can be used to help your people bring their A-game to the workplace. All staff, from directors to classroom teachers and aids, can benefit from having clear accountability and expectations to help them improve.

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Five health and safety tips: what we can learn from 1Place Childcare Australia

Health and Safety requirements are continually changing in response to COVID-19, and we know that keeping up with the ever-evolving regulations is difficult to say the least. Here are five steps to keep your services safe and running smoothly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Clarifying and digitizing center processes improves staff retention

Doing away with paperwork helps close the gap between best intentions and best practice in childcare centers. This was the topic of our recent webinar with processes expert, speaker and coach Beth Cannon, which focused on the creation of digital training manuals to replace bulky paper folders.

Time to inspect your blueprint: what is your ECE house built on?

There are five essential components that every Early Childhood Education program should include in their blueprint – so you can make best practice the new standard at every stage of growth.

Free best practice checklist templates for early childhood are here!

1Place Childcare enables ECEC services to move away from paper copies and streamline their systems, with free digital checklist templates included as part of the platform’s software.

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