Strategies to Release Administrative Constraints with Scott Monaghan

In this episode, Scott Monaghan of Enrolment Hub joins us to discuss all about unlocking efficiency in administration through strategic approaches. Our Expert Scott Monaghan At Enrolment Hub, Scott and his team specialize in providing comprehensive support to childcare providers. Unlike traditional consultants, they go beyond guidance, managing the enrolment process from start to finish. This hands-on approach ensures that every aspect of enrolment is seamlessly handled, allowing partners to reduce administrative burdens and focus on center development and team support. Additionally, Enrolment Hub actively markets partner centers by strategically managing transitions throughout the year to accommodate waitlisted families. Their [...]

Low To High Occupancy with Alyssa Wright

In this episode, Alyssa Wright from Trident Early Learning shares her experience on how to achieve high occupancy in managing an early learning centre. Our Expert Alyssa Wright Alyssa Wright is a seasoned professional in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC), with 20 years of experience, including 14 in management. She is dedicated to providing high-quality educational programmes that instill a lifelong love for learning. Alyssa excels in managerial, administrative, and secretarial processes, prioritising organisation, efficiency, and detail. Her commitment to continuous improvement encompasses diversity, inclusion, health and wellbeing, community engagement, compliance, social justice, and meaningful partnerships. In this episode [...]

Building Community In The Sector with Jae Fraser

In this episode, Jae Fraser from Little Scholars School of Early Learning, shares his experience on how to build and strengthen ECE communities. Our Expert Jae Fraser Equipped with extensive experience in the early learning and care sector, Jae set out to create Little Scholars School of Early Learning, his own early childcare business, beginning with a single run-down campus in Yatala. He has grown his business to 14 campuses, serving over 7,000 children and employing more than 450 staff. His innovative approach includes unique offerings like chef-prepared take-home meals, a Family Time program with specialist appointments, courtesy bus services, [...]

Growing Your Team with George Giannakopoulos

In this episode, we talk to George Giannakopoulos of Little Heroes Australia about how to grow and guide your childcare team. Our Expert George Giannakopoulos George Giannakopoulos, co-founder and CEO of Little Heroes Australia, leads the organisation in providing tailored sports and support programs for children's development. Through his guidance, Little Sports Heroes fosters confidence and resilience, while Little Support Heroes delivers personalised NDIS support programs. George's dedication drives the organisation's commitment to empowering children and individuals with disabilities. In this episode we cover: - Overcoming uncertainty in long-term career planning - Evolving workplace expectations and tolerances - Importance of [...]

Outdoor Learning with Doug Fargher

In this episode, we speak with Doug Fargher from Bush Kinder, about the immersive experiences of outdoor teaching and learning. Our Expert Doug Fargher Doug Fargher, the founder of Australia's Bush Kinder, is a leading figure in outdoor education. He's known for pioneering the Bush Kinder movement and has over 25 years of hands-on teaching experience. Doug's influential work extends globally through roles in organizations like IANP and ECOLN, and he's contributed to important publications like 'The Anti-Bias Approach in Early Childhood' and 'Beyond the Gate.' His focus remains on promoting outdoor learning and play-based education. In this episode we [...]

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Positive Leadership with Jordan Stanway

In this episode, Jordan Stanway of KingKids Childcare joins us to discuss positive leadership in early learning. Our Expert Jordan Stanway With over 9 years in the early childhood sector, Jordan Stanway is a passionate professional focusing on leadership and positive outcomes for children. Currently an Operations Manager, he coaches and mentors a managerial team, ensures compliance across five early learning centres, and collaborates with centre management teams to foster a culture of positive leadership and inclusion. His diverse background includes roles as an educator across all age groups, contributing to children's developmental milestones, and as a successful Centre Director [...]

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