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1Place for your procedures.compliance.real time visibility.

Locations serviced
Dollars saved on paper in 2023 by 1Place customers

More informed health & Safety

We can now see what’s happening in each service without it being hidden in paperwork

“One of the biggest values that we found is that our health and safety committee is now so much more informed. And the discussions that we can have is driven by the data that we get straight out of one place.”

“We’re having much more informative, reflective discussions on what’s happened and what are we going to do about it next. I think one place adds visibility for us, visibility for us at the office, and visibility for our centre directors”

A system that supports operational excellence

Switching from paper to 1Place offers numerous benefits for achieving excellent outcomes. Our digital checklists provide real-time updates, reduce time spent on manual documentation, and minimise errors. Educators can quickly access, update, and share information, ensuring all team members are aligned. This efficiency leads to more accurate tracking and monitoring of compliance and risk management tasks.

1Place checklists, incidents and tickets also include automated reminders and alerts, ensuring critical tasks are never overlooked.
By eliminating the clutter of paper-based systems, 1Place can help you become a more organised, accountable and productive, contributing to the highest standards of care and education.

Better decision making

1Place allows you to track and measure your procedures and compliance in our digital app. Your dashboard will show you how your teams and locations are performing and what needs your attention.

  • Visibility – know what is done in real time
  • Manage by exceptions – optimise your time by dealing with issues as they arise

How much time do your educators lose searching for the correct paperwork?

1Place offers an app that consolidates your procedures and expectations in 1Place. With everything organised and easily accessible, educators can login to complete any scheduled task or to notify the right person about an incident or maintenance issue.

Your organisation saves time and no jobs are left on paper.

What our customers say

1Place enables us to identify things that are taking place in each of our centres that we all need to be aware of.

Phil Mazey, Co-Founder of Amaze Education

With 1Place, all of our records are securely stored online and incredibly accessible so we continue to meet legislative regulations but without the headaches that came with paper records.

Sandi Black, Owner of Bay Explorers Early Learning

The investment is definitely worthwhile. It is a niche; there’s no other software solution that I’m aware of that does all of this specifically for childcare. It has to be quite specific, and it is.

Jacek Gajewski, Director of Little Locals