In today’s childcare industry, it should come as no surprise that forming strong relationships is key to success. With a wide range of technologies and vendors available, advice from an expert can be invaluable.

Essentially a cloud-based process and compliance management tool for childcare centres, 1Place Childcare appeals to both owners and directors who want to standardise best practices across their centres.

CEO and Founder of 1Place Childcare, Martin Bing, has been making best practices the new standard for fourteen years.  

After meeting Kris Murray of The Child Care Success Company (CCSC) years ago, the two  found they shared the same passion for innovation and quality childcare. The team at 1Place understands the value of partnerships, and with that, a no-brainer alliance was formed.

“We are excited and honoured to be able to offer exclusive benefits for CCSC Academy Members as part of the CCSC Buyer’s Club. To be able to help shape environments where children can flourish is a true privilege, and this partnership will help us to expand the impact we are able to make on the childcare industry.” says Bing.


More About 1Place Childcare

Compliance is just the beginning. 1Place Childcare software standardizes processes in your centres, so you can make best practice the new standard. 1Place allows directors and owners to move forms, checklists and processes online for real-time visibility and improved productivity – whether you’re in the centre or managing operations remotely. Find out more

Put all your business data in 1Place

Our guide covers how to set up a dashboard with the information that is important to you. Peace of mind for your childcare operations