Our topic is Leading Inclusion, which has a huge impact across child development, children’s rights and implementing legal standards.

1Place’s Paula Brennan explores this with Dr Red Ruby Scarlet.

Dr Red Ruby Scarlet is an activist, early childhood teacher-researcher, consultant, speaker, artist and academic. Red has 30 years experience in early education. Her passions? Creative, imaginative, inclusive practices – especially those that promote anti-bias, high quality art practices, respect for Aboriginal cultures and social justice.

In this episode we cover:
– Inclusion and the context for early learning
– Anti-bias practices
– The case and benefits of inclusive practice
– How to add inclusion to everyday culture

Our quote of the episode

“If you don’t feel good about yourself, and you don’t feel included, you’re not going to learn. Inclusion is a way to feel good about oneself, which leads to children having a more productive day in their learning experiences and families are going to have a wonderful time coming in and out because they will feel represented.”

Listen below:


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