Kathy Townley of Ideas2Outcomes, joins us in today’s episode to discuss performance management in early learning services.

Our Expert Kathy Townley

Kathy’s extensive role as a board member and advisor to Melbourne’s Early Learning Services, coupled with collaborations with Government Ministers and Departments, has driven significant positive change in the sector. With academic qualifications in Education and Business Management, practical experience in teaching and managing early learning services, and a background in the Financial Services Sector, she brings a wealth of expertise. Her engagements have honed skills in influencing, negotiation, and human resource management, complementing her ability to develop effective performance management systems. This diverse experience underscores the importance of strategic planning, capable teams, robust policies, and efficient processes in achieving successful outcomes.

In this episode we cover:

– Framing performance management in early learning services
– Common systems and structures
– Realities and challenges beyond ideal scenarios

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“It’s about your expectation as an employer, as a manager or team leader, working with your staff to make it as easy and as simple as you can so they can transition into your standards where they hopefully see the benefits of meeting those standards.”

Resources from Kathy:

Explore the Employee Management & Development (EM&D) resource by ELAA, in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training, offering a comprehensive guide for employers and managers to establish and enhance EM&D processes in their services.

Listen to the conversation:

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