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Workforce Development with Jae Fraser

Our topic for today’s podcast is Workforce Development, a topic with specific challenges in childcare and early learning.

About our guest:

Jae is an experienced and university-qualified educator, and an emerging business leader. As well his own group of early learning centres, Little Scholars, Jae also founded the non-profit Fraser Foundation that provides tailored scholarships to aspiring Early Learning Educators.

In this episode we cover:

– The drivers behind staffing shortages
– Tactics to retain your team members

Our quote of the episode:

“You need to be in tune with what your what your employees want and need. Look for the signs; they’re never going to come to you and say, ‘I can’t afford fuel to get to work’, they’re just going to resign and say they’ve found something closer. I think it’s really about conversations and talking to your team and saying, ‘What are your barriers? What are your issues? Can we help?’, because it doesn’t take a lot to help people. You just need to know what they need.”

Listen below:

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