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Team Development with Darren Brisbane

Our topic in this episode is Team Development, a part of any successful business that has its own special challenges in childcare and early learning.

In 1Place’s Paula Brennan explores this with Darren Brisbane. Darren is the GM of Oatley OOSHCare in NSW. He’s an experienced Educator, Centre Director and Operations Manager, with a passion for bringing out the best in people of all ages. His experience in front-line OOSH management is complemented by many years of work in the community, notably with cadets in the Australian Navy.

In this episode we cover:
– some of the common challenges in managing a team, and how to stop them before they start
– which challenges stand out particularly when working within childcare and early learning
– how to handle conflicts or improve sub-par performance
– the current trend of “servant leadership” applied at management level.

Our quote of the episode:
“You have to set really clear expectations from the start, as to what type of organisation you have and the culture you have there. … Accountability, honesty, integrity: these would be my must-have principles if I’m building a team.”

Listen below:

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