In this episode we talk to Fay Hadley about Systems for Quality Improvement.

Fay holds the position of Director of Education in the Macquarie School of Education and is an Associate Professor who specialises in leadership in early childhood education and partnerships with diverse families in educational settings.

In this episode

Fay explains the study she worked on, which has been recently published. Structures and systems that impact the quality improvement in early childhood education and care centers

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Quality improvement research project

Our quote of the episode

“Two centres that I went to as part of the project, one had gone from working towards to exceeding, and the other one had gone from working towards to meeting. What was really clear in both, even though they received a different rating, was the commitment from the educators, the role of the director, the educational leader, the approved provider, how they all worked together to ensure that staff and educators could have the time to focus on what’s important around quality.”

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Content highlights:

[00:30] How Fay started with early education and childcare

[10:12] Early education research life

[13:21] The research: Structures and systems influencing quality improvement in Australian early childhood education and care centres

[20:06] Summary of findings from the research

[30:21] The big topics for the sector in the next 2 to 5 years

[40:15] The benefit of networks

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