In this episode, Christine Curphey of Kangarootime talks to us about helping the early childcare education sector with resources and collaborations.

Our Expert Christine Curphey

Christine is a highly experienced and recognised expert in launching businesses into global markets. With a track record spanning traditional C-Suite roles to innovative startup leadership, she excels in problem-solving and driving teams to streamline processes and reduce costs. Known for her honest and transparent approach, Christine is sought after for her ability to break into new markets seamlessly, build strong teams, and establish key networks. She is committed to guiding entrepreneurs and ensuring long-term success by balancing company brand and mission with efficient processes.

In this episode we cover:

– Launch of Joey’s First Day at Kanga Care
– Enjoyable content and resources
– Recommendations for inspiration

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“I think allowing people to see that there’s a variety of paths you can go down. All of our paths are dirt until they become concrete. So while there’s the “teaching” path, which is a fantastic career to go down, there’s also another variety of avenues you can take as well. Even if you’re looking at having a break.”

Listen to the conversation:

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