In this episode, we talk about Politics and Policy with Samantha Page.

Our Expert Samantha Page

Samantha Page is the CEO of Early Childhood Australia (ECA), the national peak advocacy organisation for children under eight, their families and professionals in early childhood development and education. ECA was established in 1938 and works with the Government, early childhood professionals, parents, other carers of young children, and various lobby groups to advocate to ensure quality, social justice and equity in all issues relating to the education and care of children

In this episode we cover:

– The impact of the Federal budget on the sector
– The policy challenges facing the sector
– Influencing positive policy change

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“As a result of the budget announcement, we anticipate the impact for early learning services, in the short term, will increase demand. Parents will be looking for more days and more hours, and more parents potentially coming into the system. But I know that’s going to exacerbate the workforce shortages. And now we’ve got a lot of services that have capped hours or capped days or running below their full level of utilisation because they can’t staff their centres fully. So I do think the workforce is going to be the conversation.”

Listen to the conversation:

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Retaining & Attracting Staff

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