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Playground and Surface Governance with Bryce Dodd

In this episode, we talk about playground and surface governance with Bryce Dodd.

Our Expert Bryce Dodd

Bryce is the Managing Director at Consulting Coordination – CCEP, where he has played a key role in promoting growth and compliance across a variety of technical industries. He has a plethora of expertise and knowledge in risk management, compliance, and ideation of technology businesses. He is a specialist in safety design, risk management, playspace safety, water play, nature play, product certification, surfacing, and CPTED evaluation. He is also skilled in legal cases in the District and Supreme courts as a technical expert witness and has a track record of working with both the public and commercial sectors, including compliance agencies.

In this episode we cover:

– The playgrounds’ role in the governing National Construction Code
– Inspection & certification process of play areas
– Importance of insurance in the early learning sector
– Trends toward unstructured play

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“Typically the process would start with design, whether that’s a concept or whether the design has already been done. That would then be reviewed to make sure that whatever’s being built is going to be compliant in the end. So you’re not building something and spending resources, money, time, all those things to end up with something you need to modify at the end. It’s very easy to fix something on the plan, but very hard to have to dig something out of the ground once all the fences are up.”

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