The childcare industry’s reliance on paper is no secret. Hard copy forms and checklists come part and parcel with meeting compliance regulations and, as a result, a room full of archive boxes is commonplace within many childcare centres. But it doesn’t have to be.

Here are FIVE reasons why moving your paper-based processes online is worth its weight in gold.

1. It’s hard to analyse a binder full of checklists and forms

Paper-based processes make it difficult for childcare centres to understand the data they’re recording. Because reviewing a record means opening a box, trying to find the right piece of paper and looking at information on paper.

As one savvy Childcare owner once said; “just because you’re keeping it doesn’t mean you can find the information you need.”

Online tools can help your centres stay on top of compliance and paperwork by allowing management staff to keep track of multiple sites at a glance.

2. Accessible data from anywhere

By moving to an online solution, you will have secure digital storage records that are immediately accessible, no matter where you are.

Then you’ll be able to monitor tasks and processes via online dashboards as they are completed – in real-time – rather than after an event has occurred.

Gathering data in this proactive way means you can stay on top of potential issues that may arise.  It also means you can easily see what’s working, and share those best practices with your other centres, management teams and staff.

3. You can save money

Storing years of paper records costs money in terms of storage, scanning and disposal.

By digitising your forms and checklists, not only do these costs associated with storage become obsolete, but the headaches that came in trawling through paper paper records to meet legislative regulations disappear too.

One Delaware-based childcare operator says she has saved $1000 per month by digitising their processes.

4. Make best practice the new standard

With so much data at your fingertips, an online solution allows management to view the metrics that matter to their centres and drill down to details with a single click.

This continuous improvement model of checking, measuring, acting and monitoring gives visibility necessary for your centres to operate smoothly, increase performance and, ultimately, grow.

What’s more, an online platform can also evolve with your organisation so checklists, forms and processes can easily be updated or added as regulations or procedures change.

5. Improve staff morale

Expect relief among your team members to have a logical, efficient, easy-to-use solution to something they do multiple times a day.

Adaptive online processes guide staff as they carry out open and close checklists, cleaning, auditory processes, fire drills, maintenance and respond to incidents. Giving them the peace of mind that no task will be forgotten, and that best practices are being met.

And, should a new team member step into a learning environment, the software provides immediate clarity on completed and outstanding tasks.

Similarly, implementing an online system means you are less likely to lose valuable knowledge should a team member move on from your centre.

Ultimately, this means your team will have more time to focus on what matters most; delivering an exceptional learning experience.

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