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Nurturing and retaining staff with Kerri Smith

We talk to Kerri Smith, Head of Sesame Lane Care & Kindergarten, about nurturing and retaining staff.

In this episode we cover

– Kerri’s career pathway from hairdressing to early learning and childcare
– Managing people
– Helping educators get the time to reflect and add value

Our quote of the episode

“I’m very fortunate to have worked for employers and for leaders where my values have aligned with the mission. If they hadn’t aligned, I wouldn’t have stayed with the organisation. For example, I loved working with Anne and John Glasson – amazing people who I still talk to, even though so many years have passed since our time working together.”

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Episode highlights:

[03.40] Early experience in ECE – putting children first
[06.55] Best advice for managing people
[08.05] Balancing career with family
[09.06] Understanding and supporting the parent experience
[11.14] Growing and incentivising innovation
[14.00] Increasing inclusion of indigenous culture

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