In this episode, Laura Stone, Early Childhood Education Producer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), provides her insights about the transformative potential of media resources for educators.

Our Expert Laura Stone

Laura Stone, the Early Childhood Education Producer at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), spearheads ABC Kids Early Education—a free online hub offering curriculum-aligned resources for Australia’s early education and care sector. She orchestrates collaborative initiatives leveraging top-notch ABC Children’s video and audio content, accompanied by teaching materials. Drawing on her background as an early childhood teacher and consultant, Laura infuses valuable early childhood insights into ABC Kids’ programming, prioritizing partnerships and research collaborations to embed quality messaging across all ABC Kids media.

In this episode we cover:

– Success analysis of Playschool and Bluey
– Deconstructing hit shows for early learning
– Media strategies for early learning services
– Maximising educational impact in entertainment

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“One of the most important things that I think of is how to really engage the educators around those follow-up play-based opportunities where you’ve had your screen time, you’ve had your opportunity to engage with the podcast or watch a great program or play a great game on your device, but then. How does that spring you into ongoing learning and play and hands-on? It’s using that beautiful media content where children can see aspects of themselves or their families or their communities reflected in that content.”

Listen to the conversation:

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