Leadership Development with Sarah Louise Gandolfo

In this episode, we discuss leadership development in the early childhood sector with Sarah Louise Gandolfo of Early Childhood Australia.

Our Expert Sarah Louise Gandolfo

Sarah Louise is a Melbourne-based early childhood teacher and passionate advocate for children’s rights and ethical leadership. With over 20 years of experience in various early childhood settings, she brings a strengths-based approach to her role as the Professional Learning Project Coordinator at Early Childhood Australia. Sarah actively contributes to the sector through her involvement in committees, networks, and panels focused on social justice, anti-bias issues, and educational leadership. She is a respected presenter, writer, and recipient of prestigious awards, showcasing her dedication to advancing early childhood education. With multiple professional memberships, Sarah remains committed to fostering kind, courageous, and impactful leadership in the field.

In this episode we cover:

– The value of investing in leadership development
– Implementing leadership development initiatives
– Forward-thinking on the future of early childhood education

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“Educators at all levels have leadership capacity. They’ve got leadership to give in some way and for an owner, director, manager, whatever the title, knowing how to tap into people’s strengths and their skill sets, their values and what they bring to the organization, that’s really where we can go. You’ve got leadership skills here somewhere. How can we bring that out? How can we meet those requirements of the standards of the framework to really maximize the skill set of the team that we have?”

Listen to the conversation:

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