Keeping Children Safe with Neil Milton

TRIGGER WARNING: The following content contains mentions of child abuse.

In this episode, we talk to Neil Milton of Childsafe Australia about creating safer environments for children both in and out of learning centres.

Our Expert Neil Milton

Neil Milton is the General Manager of ChildSafe Australia, a not-for-profit children’s harm prevention charity. He strives to create safer environments for children, driven by his personal experience of childhood sexual abuse and the desire to protect others. Additionally, as a Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Positive T-Shirts, Neil addresses the alarming suicide rates by donating all profits towards preventing youth suicide, inspired by personal encounters with suicide and a deep-rooted commitment to changing the situation. His dedication extends to founding The Table Talk Project, an empowering social enterprise that encourages families to engage in meaningful conversations, ensuring every voice is heard and supported.

In this episode we cover:

– Empowering organisations to create safer environments for children
– Equipping children to speak up about safety and consent
– Body safety and consent training for educators
– Moving beyond compliance by emphasizing child safety standards

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“When a child trusts an adult or trusts another child, they sometimes do things they wouldn’t want to do. And body safety and consent are about empowering those children to understand what is right and what isn’t right, and what feels safe and what isn’t safe. And so if a child does share what they’re going through with an adult with their educator, they need the tools to be able to support that child.”

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