In this episode, we talk to George Giannakopoulos of Little Heroes Australia about how to grow and guide your childcare team.

Our Expert George Giannakopoulos

George Giannakopoulos, co-founder and CEO of Little Heroes Australia, leads the organisation in providing tailored sports and support programs for children’s development. Through his guidance, Little Sports Heroes fosters confidence and resilience, while Little Support Heroes delivers personalised NDIS support programs. George’s dedication drives the organisation’s commitment to empowering children and individuals with disabilities.

In this episode we cover:

– Overcoming uncertainty in long-term career planning
– Evolving workplace expectations and tolerances
– Importance of balance in team growth

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“The only way that you can progress and move forward is to help basically the person to the left and right of you. No one is able to have success on their own.”

Listen to the conversation:

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Retaining & Attracting Staff

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