In this episode, we talk about embedding safeguarding into operations with Jeanie Dean.

Our Expert Jeanie Dean

Jeanie Dean is the Managing Director of Safeguarding Solutions Australia, a consulting company that helps organisations with strong regulatory obligations to identify, improve, and manage their organizational and operational obligations. With extensive experience working in the welfare and justice sectors, both domestically and internationally, Jeanie is motivated to bring awareness and lead the implementation and delivery of best practices that promote a child-safe culture through education on risk identification and management.

In this episode we cover:

– Fostering psychological and physical safety.
– Risk assessment for vulnerable individuals
– Discussing essential steps to embed safeguarding into early childhood operations
– How safeguarding aids HR, Risk, Finance, and Audit committees.

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“Every risk is an opportunity to turn somebody’s pain into purpose. You know when people experience adversities in their lives? They feel like they’re doing it on their own. And I think it’s really important for organisations to look at risk and look at concerns, complaints and allegations of harm as an opportunity for that person’s lived experience of adversity to mean something positive for other children and young people.”

Listen to the conversation:

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