Our topic for today’s podcast is Effective Checklists, a fresh look at the most commonplace tool in our sector.

To explore this with us, we are pleased to welcome our guest expert, Hans Boehm.

About our guest expert:

Hans is a qualified educator and specialist consultant in child care services, focused on Early Years pedagogical practice and commercial development. His experience spans the provision of professional services from over 30 years’ experience, from on-floor coaching to building investor business cases.

In this episode we cover:
– What makes a good checklist
– When checklists can become hurdles for your team, and how to address this
– Using your checklist records for data analysis
– The range of benefits to safety, licensing, team-building and beyond.

Our quote of the episode:
“Much like an insurance policy … when you look at checklists and compliance, it’s about being prepared, having your own insurance policy through processes, through people and culture.”

Listen below:

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