In this episode, Jae Fraser from Little Scholars School of Early Learning, shares his experience on how to build and strengthen ECE communities.

Our Expert Jae Fraser

Equipped with extensive experience in the early learning and care sector, Jae set out to create Little Scholars School of Early Learning, his own early childcare business, beginning with a single run-down campus in Yatala. He has grown his business to 14 campuses, serving over 7,000 children and employing more than 450 staff. His innovative approach includes unique offerings like chef-prepared take-home meals, a Family Time program with specialist appointments, courtesy bus services, and pioneering Bush and Beach Kinder in Queensland. Aside from his main venture, Jae also owns The Scholars Group, which manages 24 agreements and offers consultancy services. In 2021, he founded the Fraser Foundation, a non-profit organisation providing financial support to those pursuing careers in early childhood education.

Jae has 20 years of experience in the early learning and education sector and is a university-qualified early childhood educator. He holds a Bachelor of Education, an Advanced Diploma of Early Childhood Education, and several business management qualifications related to child care and education. Jae’s career spans various roles, from teacher to service and senior management positions in both Australia and Singapore. For the past 10 years, he has been an active committee member of ACA QLD, serving as a committee member, treasurer, vice president, and most recently, president. He also sits on the National Executive for ACA National.

In this episode we cover:

– Involvement with the ACA QLD Conference
– Networking opportunities
– Access to resources and information
– Professional development

A sneak peek inside the episode:

“It’s really about building a really capable and quality workforce, making sure that we’re really attracting those passionate people that are choosing the sector because they genuinely have a love for educating children. If someone’s listening to this that isn’t an educator and wants to be, get involved. It’s a good place to be. “

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Retaining & Attracting Staff

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