How improving processes and procedures increases workplace wellbeing

An Interview with Beth Cannon - 1Place ChildcareSelf-confessed process-improvement nerd and speaker Beth Cannon reveals how establishing the right tools in your early childhood centre can lead to profound changes in you as a leader, and your people. 

“When we know better, we do better. When we

Active Supervision and Covid Response Monitoring more cohesive using 1Place Childcare

Active Supervision and Covid Response Monitoring Using 1Place Childcare

For Glynne Pascal, Quality Assurance Manager for Mid Florida Community Services at Head Start / Early Head Start, 1Place Childcare has made observations for quality active supervision and proper Covid response monitoring a more cohesive process.  

We talk to

1Place Childcare and The Child Care Success Company form new, quality partnership

In today’s childcare industry, it should come as no surprise that forming strong relationships is key to success. With a wide range of technologies and vendors available, advice from an expert can be invaluable.

Essentially a cloud-based process and

An interview with Kris Murray: Going Beyond Compliance

An Interview with Kris Murray from The Child Care Success Company - 1Place Childcare (2)A successful childcare centre doesn’t just meet compliance but continuously improves its best practice processes and achieves a consistent high standard of quality in its environment. 

As childcare expert Kris Murray explains, this sets the scene for children to have

3 easy steps to streamline compliance and best practice

4 Easy Steps to Streamline Compliance and Best Practice

4 Easy Steps to Streamline Compliance and Best PracticeAs a childcare owner or director, each day is filled by wearing many hats. On any given day, you’re the marketer, HR, maintenance, a substitute teacher, and the accountant.  In fact, today you may have already changed a lightbulb, given

Measuring what matters most: how to inspect what you expect

It’s one thing to use forms and checklists to meet compliance regulations. Tick, job done.

But is it really? The reality is you can’t analyse a binder full of checklists.

As a center owner relying on paper-based processes puts it;

Paper-based systems – we’ve always done it this way. Why change?

The childcare industry’s reliance on paper is no secret. Hard copy forms and checklists come part and parcel with meeting compliance regulations and, as a result, a room full of archive boxes is commonplace within many childcare centres. But it