$99/mo or $90/mo if paid annually,
per center or location.
$ 99 Monthly
  • 1 - 5 CENTERS
  • Unlimited customisable surveys

  • Unlimited customisable checklists and tickets/actions
  • Unlimited customisable child/staff incident forms and Health & Safety system
  • Dashboard and email reporting
  • Personalised implementation and support
  • Unlimited users per location


For larger multi-site organizations
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  • 5+ CENTERS
  • Suitable for organisations with field staff and area managers
  • Enterprise enabled with permission profiles and sophisticated workflow
  • Multi layered reporting for territories and regions
  • Access to API layer including API for Microsoft Power BI
  • Personalised implementation and support
  • Customised pricing

All pricing excludes tax, if applicable.

Personalized onboarding and training
(implementation packages start at $399 apply)

Checklist Manager APP

Access to 1Place sample checklist templates which include:

• Centre opening checklist

• Pandemic workplace cleaning checklist

• Playground areas checklist

• Closing checklist

Complete your own customised checklist, add lookup photos and links with customised schedules



PDF checklist reports which can be emailed to interested parties providing evidence of completion

Survey App Functionality

Sample surveys:

• Parent permission slips/excursion forms

• Enrollment feedback form

• Parent/employee satisfaction surveys

Customisable screenings and survey apps with:

• Unlimited templates

• QR code enabled

Pre-defined Covid-19 Screening App to screen:

• Parents

• Children

• Employees

• Visitors

Activated by QR code or survey link for self service, for a single location, unlimited users per location

Ticket/Action Manager APP

Create tickets/actions with workflow and approval levels for corrective actions. Attach photos and checklists.

Perfect for property maintenance, complaints, enquiries and continuous improvement.

Allow external contractors access to tickets to resolve and close.UnlimitedUnlimited
Health & Safety Manager APP

Access to 1Place sample incident templates which include:

• Child incident form

• Child illness form

• Employee incident form

Access to your customized incident and illness forms, attach photos to incident forms and email to parents



Create hazards and assign to location

Web Portal for Super Users and Head Office
Create unlimited checklist templates which can be scheduled and modified by you



Reporting portal, including dashboards, email reports and export to Excel



Create ticket/action workflows



Create customised incident forms

Access and role manager

Single sign-in functionality

API access to Power BI and other applications

1Place One-off Setup Plans

For implementation and ongoing support



3 hours

  • 3 checklists (using 1Place templates)
  • 1 ticket category
  • Standard Health & Safety module (illness/incident templates)
  • 1 daily report
  • Group webinar training



7 hours

  • 5 custom checklists
  • 2 ticket categories
  • Customised Health & Safety module
  • 3 dashboards and 3 email reports
  • Personalised training



15 hours

  • 10 custom checklists
  • 5 ticket categories
  • Customised Health & Safety Module
  • 5 dashboards and 5 email reports
  • Personalised training



25 hours

  • 10+ custom checklists
  • 5+ ticket categories
  • Customised Health & Safety module
  • 5+ dashboards and 5+ email reports
  • Personalised training

* Question Limits –  Estimated 20 questions per checklist (Fair Use Policy applies)