Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we have a team of consultants who can tailor our flexible compliance system to your needs.

Absolutely! We back up your data daily, and our systems are located at a secure data centre.

Being in the cloud (via the internet) means there is no hardware for you to buy; we organise the backups, while any changes to the program can be done quickly and implemented without you needing to reinstall the software. It means we can look after the IT so you can focus on running your centres.

1Place Childcare complements your existing CMS rather than replacing it. Instead, 1Place focuses on operational process and compliance management for childcare centres.

1Place specifically helps you digitise checklists and incident forms, which relates to licensing, accreditation, and health & safety compliance

The problem with these tools is that they often don’t provide real-time visibility as all data is entered into static worksheets. That means there is still a lot of overhead to maintain those ad hoc systems. With 1Place Childcare all data can be reported on in real-time and provide detailed analysis 24/7, without any additional effort from centre staff.

1Place Childcare works with most devices including iPad and 1Phones, as well as Android devices like Samsung tablets and phones, and Kindle Fire. We recommend late model devices.

We know you are busy and we recognise the importance of onboarding you successfully. As part of this onboarding we digitise your required checklists, we work with you to improve your business processes and train your team to be self-sufficient.

Yes, the 1Place Childcare app can work offline. It saves your work safely as a draft on your device. Then, when you are back online, you can submit your draft to the live system (in the cloud).

We offer basic survey functionality which works with QR codes as well. We have found that our survey functionality covers most of what is required for a childcare centre.

Yes, it is. Because you provide and create the content to build your checklist templates or incident forms, our platform can be used in any jurisdiction. It’s important to note that 1Place does not guarantee that the content you use our system for meets legal or health & safety requirements, as these are often unique to your jurisdiction.

Yes, everything is printable should you need a physical copy, and data can also be exported to excel.

Absolutely, the 1Place ticketing system can be sued wherever you have items that you need to keep track of, and/or if you have different workflow and permission layers.

Yes, you can provide access to third parties to update tickets.

Yes, you can add an email address and email the parents a summarised incident form.

Yes you can, and our onboarding team can assist you with that.

Yes, you can generate a PDF of the incident form and print that.