Paper-based systems – we’ve always done it this way. Why change?

The childcare industry’s reliance on paper is no secret. Hard copy forms and checklists come part and parcel with meeting compliance regulations and, as a result, a room full of archive boxes is commonplace within many childcare centres. But it

Four tips to turn your health & safety into a competitive advantage

Four tips to turn your Health and Safety into a competitive advantage - 1Place

Four tips to turn your Health and Safety into a competitive advantage - 1PlaceIt goes without saying that any established child care organisation knows their compliance responsibilities inside out, with well-established procedures in place to meet the numerous and ever-evolving requirements of regulators. 

But this is 2020, and we are in the midst

How digitizing your processes can save up to $1000 per month

With all the administration that goes along with running a childcare centre, being able to eliminate paper from your office will go a long way in saving you time, energy and money. 

Take for example the process involved in an

How US-based Kidz Ink Childcare centres are keeping children, parents and staff safe

In response to COVID-19, Kidz, Ink childcare centres have put into place several safety measures to ensure families, staff and children and parents are safe at all times.

Watch this video from Kidz, Ink to see what measures they’ve implemented,

From the 1Place CEO – How can we help?

In these unprecedented times, the team at 1Place wanted to reach out to let you know we are thinking of you and offer any help we can in this really challenging time.

How can we help?

As you know we’ve

How your childcare centre can say goodbye to paper checklists

If ever-growing pile of paper forms in your early childhood centre has finally gotten the better of you, congratulations! Recognising there must be a better way to stay on top of compliance is the first step on your journey to

It’s time to ditch paper forms using 1Place online forms and checklists

It's time to ditch paper forms - 1Place Childcare
It's time to ditch paper forms - 1Place Childcare

New Zealand is “drowning” in paper waste – with an estimated 600,000 tonnes of paper and cardboard waste produced each year (according to this 1News article). 

It’s no longer feasible to continue creating paper waste at this volume, …

1Place Childcare is now a partner of Kidsoft

Kidsoft - 1Place Childcare partner

Kidsoft is Australia’s most innovative and proven childcare management software, which provides features, integrated technology and applications to meet the needs of parents, educators and childcare services.

Kidsoft’s Child Care Management System (CCMS) software has been developed by a highly

Delivering a solution for NZ’s largest childcare provider

Delivering a solution for NZ’s largest childcare provider - 1Place Childcare

1Place has been working with Kidicorp since October 2014 with the challenge of automating property inspections across their 240 sites.

Each site requires quarterly property inspections to ensure compliance with brand standards, safety, building compliance issues and other areas. Management …

Early Childhood Council Conference

This week Martin Bing was at the Early Childhood Council Conference presenting the 1Place solutions to many interested delegates.

The needs of childcare organisations continue to grow in their complexity and 1Place has found their solutions around Audits and Compliance …