1Place International Limited – Terms and Conditions – Free Trial of App

By downloading and using the screening app (the “App”), you agree to the following terms in addition to 1Place Childcare’s standard Terms of  Use:




  • Download and use of the App is provided free of charge for a period of 90 days from the date of download (“Trial Period”).
  • Upon expiry of the Trial Period, you shall have the option to register for paid use of the App. Users shall have no further access to any data stored in the App following expiry of the Trial Period.
  • The App provides a tool to screen children for COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending childcare centers.  It cannot and should not be relied on for diagnosis of COVID-19 or any other illness and does not replace medical advice in any way. 
  • 1Place Childcare has taken all reasonable care in developing the App in accordance with CDC guidelines, however we do not represent that the App meets all or any health and safety or other legal or medical guidelines in any jurisdiction. 
  • 1Place Childcare disclaims all liability and responsibility for any loss, damage or harm relating to or associated with the App or its use and makes no representations as to the accuracy or effectiveness of the tools provided by the App.
  • By downloading and registering for the App, you agree to 1Place Childcare’s Privacy Policy, which includes consent to be added to the 1Place Childcare email database.